What are you in this industry/occupation?

Since I was 13yrs old I have had a passion for cooking……..I have done many other careers including becoming a Remedial Therapist but it was always cooking that I came back to and decided to follow. It has something to do with the act of giving and providing to others whilst also being instinctual, something I just HAD to follow through with!

I decided long ago that if I had to to something that required long hours of work and not much money cooking would be it! Whilst the education side is also great as I can pass what I know to others, it is still the cooking for others that I have a passion for.

What are the benefits?

  • Immense job satisfaction
  • Working with a team
  • The ability to be creative
  • Developing your own abilities
  • Teaches you to think quickly,
  • Keep calm and level headed,
  • Self organise,
  • Develops cognitive thinking and doing at least 5 things at once
  • Develops strength of character

What are the drawbacks?

  • There can be long hours of physical work which is demanding on your body,
  • Also sometimes at the early stages not well paid.
  • There can still also be a male dominated kitchen that puts young women off in entering the kitchen.
  • You need to be strong minded
  • Many women are coming the vocation but can leave due to lack of support and the feeling of doing it alone

Why do you encourage other women and girls to consider this industry/occupation?

It can be SO rewarding if it is something you want to do. Career options are large and can range from owning your own business, running a kitchen with many staff, overseas work….

You get to truly know who you are. Working in a team is vital, so developing teamwork is essential.

The kitchens really develop you, we always say kitchens are not the place to hide (like with a desk job!!). At the end of the day after getting through a shift with a great team you can feel immense satisfaction……and this can be daily!!
As women can be natural carers, cooking for others can be an extension to this side

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