Why are you in this industry/occupation?

Actually I did not consciously choose the industry when I entered it in my mid 20’s but once in have always enjoyed the Maritime sector and stayed because of the people and the company culture.

What are the benefits?

The maritime industry is certainly very dynamic and I enjoy working with people both on and off shore. The industry like any other has its highs and low and the challenges that go with that. For the industry in general salaries are better than average.

What are the drawbacks?

None really for me. Those at sea would experience benefits and drawbacks to having a roster system.

Why do you encourage other women and girls to consider the industry/occupation?

There is definitely a need to increase the number of women at sea and women in senior roles ashore. The industry is very interesting and dynamic and there are definitely career opportunities available for women within the industry and especially in “non-traditional” roles like engineering and ship management.

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