Why are you in this industry/occupation?

I love working with people and I love new Toyota’s! Helping our customer’s dreams come true with a beautiful new car can be a complicated and lengthy process. Toyota salespeople need to be patient, dedicated to their customers needs and very knowledgeable about our product. I sold new Toyota’s for 5 years for a Toyota Dealer, and now work for Toyota Motor Corporation Australia as the Sales and Product Training Manager in SA and NT (the Central Region). I believe our male dominated Automotive industry will benefit from a more equitable gender balance in all areas of the business – sales, service, parts and in the workshop.

I instigated a women’s professional development network within SA/NT Toyota Dealers called Women in Toyota Sales (WITS):

WITS is a network for women to discuss ideas and strategies to succeed in the Toyota sales profession,
increase emotional resiliency within their working life and inspire new women to enter the industry.

WITS provides a structure to bring together female Toyota Dealership staff to:

  • ¬†support fellow women employed in Toyota Dealerships to achieve a successful, long term career in Toyota through education and developing skills and confidence;
  • formulate and implement strategies to attract more women to enter the Automotive Industry and be successful in a Toyota Dealership;
  • encourage and develop leadership strategies for women in Toyota.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of being in the automotive industry are working in a very professional and economically viable workplace that is in every local community – so there are often plenty of jobs and careers for the right people. National brands, such as Toyota, look after their Dealerships very well with special incentives and prizes, offering comprehensive training and support to work effectively in their communities. Job security and varied career pathways in the industry are also a positive feature.

What are the drawbacks?

Sales staff work every Saturday, but have a day off during the week, so it’s generally a 5 day week. I cant see any other drawbacks in my current role – I love working with Sales staff and building the capacity of others to excel in their careers

Why do you encourage other women and girls to consider this industry/occupation?

I encourage women to consider the Automotive industry as a career because cars and vehicles are part of everyone’s life – not just men’s lives. Women think of their cars differently I believe. Transport is a means of independence and confidence for women, and the industry that provides this product to our lives needs to have women’s opinions and experiences firmly embedded in the business to make dealerships more accessible and comfortable for our female customers.

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