Why are you in this industry/occupation?

I started work as a blast technician and over the last 20 years worked in many roles including Pit technician, Field technician and supervisor in green fields exploration through to open pit production, in the gold, diamond, iron ore, base metals. Having just moved from Pit Technician Supervisor into a Mine Geologist role. Mining has given me an opportunity to see some amazing remote parts of Australia and provides a challenging, diverse and dynamic work environment.

What are the benefits?

The best thing to me about working in mining is the friends, role models and mentors I have met over the years. There are truly are some amazing people who work in the challenging, transient world that is mining, and yet it’s the people that always make a difference. Mining has given me the financial security to travel to all the places I’ve always wanted to visit, I’ve been able to travel all over the world.

What are the drawbacks?

Working away, always being on a roster and being isolated, away from your family and friends. Managing all relationships when you only see people every now and then. Basically living two lives which are very different. Missing out on the full home life is hard.

Why do you encourage other women and girls to consider this industry/occupation?

My message to any women wanting to enter mining is to have a go, no matter what your experience. Some roles that were traditionally filled by men are now being taken up by women and the opportunities really are out there.

I encourage women and girls to consider working in the mining industry in order to bring about positive change and I believe diversity makes for a richer work environment. There are many career paths available and it is an exciting ever changing environment.

I am excited about the diversity space in mining and where it will lead. After winning the Chamber of Minerals and Energy – women in resources award for Outstanding Operator/Technician/Trade Woman In 2013, I became more involved in furthering careers of women in mining. I truly believe that diversity in its widest sense contributes positively to the mining sector.

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