Why are you in this industry/occupation?

I’m a Mining Engineer by background and have worked my way through a number of roles within the industry across Canada, the United States and Australia including being the Mining Manager at 2 major Pilbara iron ore mines. I’m in this industry because it is an industry who supplies the raw materials and metals required for millions of different products required by people around the world.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of the mining and resources industry is that it is an international one, so I have been able to travel all around the world and live and work in unique and interesting places. It is a very highly paying industry which has allowed me to save a lot of money for my future whilst still affording a very comfortable lifestyle. I get to work in very large teams with people from really diverse backgrounds and from a huge number of nationalities.

What are the drawbacks?

Some of the mine site locations are remote from larger cities so there is a decision that needs to be made about living in rural mining communities or doing a Fly In / Fly Out (FIFO) role.

In some areas of the industry it is still quite male dominated, but this is quickly changing and the workforce is diversifying in gender, age and ethnicity.

Why do you encourage other women and girls to consider the industry/occupation?

The Mining & Resources industry is an amazing opportunity to be involved with changing the world and the services and products that people have available to them in their lives. If you think about it, unless it is grown, virtually every other product in the world comes at least in part from something that has been mined. It is an industry that has so much complexity and variety that you will never get bored, as you can always expand your skills into another area of the business/industry.

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