Highly visible examples of women successfully working in these non-traditional occupations and industries are essential to broaden your career aspirations and expectations. These examples cut through gender stereotypes, simple assumptions about you based on whether you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman

Gender stereotypes and perceptions about subjects and career options ‘suitable’ for young women are can be reinforced in school and in families.

Such stereotyping limits your career choices as a young women and creates barriers to increasing your participation in the better paid, non-traditional occupations.

Negative experiences and/or perceptions of male-dominated workplaces often discourage young women from even exploring these non- traditional and in demand jobs.

Anne Graham – Finance

I am a financial planner because I enjoy the combination of problem solving using my technical knowledge and working with clients to improve their financial circumstances. I am a small business owner and therefore run my own business, employing 5 staff.

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Christina Fahl – Mining

I enjoyed Maths and Chemistry in high school and was Interested in a career that would combine desk and outdoors work. The mining industry seemed like an exciting and different career path.

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Niharika Iitkop – Mining

Mining is one of the core indutries for any economy and working for a big corporation allows one to work with and lead various teams. There’s good money and financial independence.

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Kirsten Molloy – Mining

Senior Executive roles can be very rewarding, if solving problems and making change appeals to you. If you want to have a positive impact on others and to help people reach their full potential then leadership roles enable you to do that.

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Karen Austria – ICT

Believe in what you are passionate about. If you have an idea in the Digital technology that you think will help revolutionalise a problem then lead by example and those who believe in you will follow and provide support and open doors to bigger and better adventures.

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Kasia Gospos – ICT

I have a finance degree so my skills are easily transferable. I worked in a number of industries ranging from Mining to Beauty. Currently I work for a telecommunications company and I really enjoy working here.

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Kim Bell-Anderson – Science

I am a teaching and research academic at the University of Sydney. I honour the responsibility to educate the next generation of scientists. It is important to have successful women academics to send the message that a woman can be a teacher, a researcher and a mother too.

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Jenine Beekhuyzen – ICT

I love that every day is different, and the future of tech is largely unknown so I get to create the future. I also like helping people through their use of technology. Life should be easier, and not harder with technology.

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Kerry Scappatura – Automotive Industry

The benefits of being in the automotive industry are working in a very professional and economically viable workplace that is in every local community – so there are often plenty of jobs and careers for the right people.

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Jodie Gray – Mining

I am a geologist in the mining industry because of the challenge it provides me. I am Interested in earth science. As a geologist I have travel opportunities.

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Kristy Fleming – Charity

I wanted to spend my time and effort making the world a better place. It is wonderful that I could make a career out of it. International development is challenging, humbling and motivating.

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Deanna Hood – Robotics

I’ve always loved puzzles, fixing things, and figuring out new ways of doing stuff. This meant that I loved maths in high school, and went on to be a mathematician. As I started uni at 15, I had a few extra years up my sleeve and happily fell into a double degree with electrical engineering. I haven’t really looked back since then!

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Michelle Redfern – Banking

I am new to banking but my skill set and experience means that I can make a difference to NABs operational efficiency which means its customers and its people benefit.

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