The Questions

The five core areas identified by eS4W members for review:

Lifelong economic wellbeing1. Lifelong economic wellbeing for women

The aim of this section’s questions areas to identify how women in Australia view their lifelong economic wellbeing and identify the concomic, financial and/or equality measures that could improve the lifelong economic wellbeing of women.

Sustainable economic empowerment2. Women’s sustainable economic empowerment over her lifetime

The aim of this section’s questions are to measure sustainable economic empowerment mechanisms and the impact of these across a woman’s working lifetime.

Changing economic conditions3. Women’s ability to cope with changing conditions in the economy

The aim of this section’s questions are to identify the impacts of changing economic conditions on women’s lives and to identify some ways in which they have adapted to changing conditions.   This area may identify gaps in policy, services, and may also give an insight into the way in which women change their lifestyles due to changing economic conditions.  In some instances, you may wish to explore further to find out if their partners have also changed their lifestyles due to economic circumstances.

Workforce participation4. Women’s participation in paid work

The aim of this section’s questions ares to capture how women interact / react to participating in the paid work force.What makes it possible or not possible to participate in paid work – such as: childcare, flexible work arrangements, access to transport, proximity to work, skills, expertise.

Income inequalities5. Women’s income in later life (50 years plus)

The aim of this section’s questions is to identify the scope and range of income inequalities that impact both on economic security in later working life and after retirement (example – Transitioning to retirement, as a self-funded retiree, Age Pensioner, self-employed).

SurveyIn your discussion groups and/or on the online survey, you can cover all of the above issues or you may wish to concentrate on one or more areas that are relevant to your group or organisation.

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